Business, financial and legal translations in English

The image of an enterprise is shaped by the quality of its communications. Only top quality translations will enable you to get content across clearly and convincingly. Not forgetting of course that it’s not sufficient to render texts in another language; due account must also be taken of the context – for example, the region, culture or specialist field. The quality of the translation and hence communicating the essential message crucially depends on technically correct terminology and on achieving the right register.

Focal areas of my work are translations for business, finance, law, marketing and insurance.

Your texts will be translated into idiomatically correct and precise English, if desired adapted to your company’s own terminology. Whatever you wish to express in whatever context, your texts are with me in good – and experienced – hands. As a native speaker I am adept at formulating nuanced texts. I have extensive experience in preparing reliable certified translations into standard official language, such as extracts from commercial registers, articles of association, legal documents and public instruments.

Personal, direct and effective

I can be easily reached and if need be can also take on work – including difficult texts – at short notice. Direct contact with you as customer, keeping you up to date on progress and consulting you regularly, is very important for me. In this way unnecessary (and potentially costly) steps are avoided.

You will be pleased with my professional and flexible service.